About Horaios Wellness

Horaios Wellness was started by Amanda Conta Steencken around a camp fire during the summer of 2022.

The seed for a new way of looking at health and wellness was planted long ago, however it wasn't until the global health crisis of 2020 that the seed sprouted and started growing. Fast.

Now, Horaios Wellness is beginning to bloom where it was planted, in the little town of Tully, NY.

Vision: To bring the principles of Natural Law back into the health and wellness setting in order to transform the current, fear-based sick care paradigm into an awe-filled model that nourishes and sustains healthy living.

We believe...

The body Only Knows Healing

At Horaios Wellness we believe in the inherent wisdom of the human body to heal itself and we always seek to support the body on its journey back to balance and true health, not interfere with it.

Root Cause

We recognize the power of the natural world to aid this process along and we believe in the importance of treating the root cause of a symptom, not merely suppressing it for temporary relief.

Truth and Community

We are passionate about sharing what we have learned so everyone has access to knowledge and the right information in order to make wise decisions about their health.

Lastly, but most importantly...

...Timing is everything when it comes to health and wellness.

Yes, there is a time to intervene and a time to sit back and wait. However, no amount of "intervention" or "waiting" will suffice until our internal, quantum clocks are properly re-aligned with the earth's time-keeping inputs: LIGHT (the light-dark 24hr cycle) and MAGNETISM (the Schumman frequency). When an individual's timing is our of sync with the earth's clock, all molecular processes required for proper functioning of cells and organs are off kilter. Inflammation and dis-ease ensue.
We work with each individual to craft a plan that best suits them and their unique healing journey. Our desire is to support each one in the ways they need most so that their brain's quantum clock can get back to receiving the proper inputs from earth's clock.