Choose Life, Not Fear

Jan 31, 2023 - 5 min read

Choose Life, Not Fear

I would be remiss if I didn't give credit where credit is due. I am inspired by what Karen Welton is doing over at Horaios Wellness' mission statement was inspired by Pain Free Birth's mission statement. Women were created with the ability to grow a human being within them and birth this new life in wholeness, completeness and without fear or pain. Karen is helping Mommas all over fully embrace this truth and step into motherhood the way God intended: with passion and confidence in their God-given gift and ability to Be More Than Enough.

Our desire at Horaios Wellness is to empower individuals of all walks, stages, and ages to embrace the unshakeable Truth that each one of us is More Than Enough. Our bodies only know Healing. Our bodies are amazing and wonderfully made. There is no reason to fear the symptoms we feel as something bad. Every pain, every symptom is our bodies talking to us, healing, restoring, and finding balance. We have the choice to embrace life and listen to our bodies and make changes that will support our healing process. Or we can choose to live in fear of pain and disease because “we didn't eat the right food or do the right thing, or… fill in the blank with whatever guilt-trip scam the medical industrial complex is selling today”.

I don't know Karen. I've never met her. I know one person who has worked with her and have heard nothing but good things. The reason I appear to be advertising for Pain Free Birth is because I believe that companies like this one are absolutely on the right track. The teachings that folks like Karen Welton are sharing are based on the same Natural Law principles that govern the human body and ALL healing. Period. These lessons are not just for birthing. These principles are for living. For living a full life. A whole life. Like God intended for each of us.

This is what Horaios Wellness is all about.